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St Edmunds church 

Falinge park Rochdale

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Early Records around Spotland 1200's show the family owning the land as being the Heleys giving their name to the land Healey, Healey hall was built in the area owned by decendants of the Heleys till the 1500's, The Chadwick's took possesion of the land in 1626 being land owners in the town since the 1200's

There is also mention of the de spotland Family in 1200's owning land around Spotland.

James Haslem built Old Falinge in the 1600s and in the 1700s the land was sold to the Royds family. The park and St Edmunds was built in the area by the Royds family.  

Rochdale Royds family crest.

Royds family crest 

Falinge Park. 


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